MAERI is a contribution to the booming ethical fashion and textile industry. Stemming from the need of the hour – sustainability and the revivavl of extinct weave– the label produces superior quality and well-designed handbags using non-degradable plastic waste. 



 Maeri is much more than just material and weaves. It is an intersection of culture, change and opportunity. We are inspired by sustainability and the revival of the very stunning, but almost forgotten century old techniques of Knotting. Our label is a crossroads of craft and community, where we create handbags with modern design aesthetics for the contemporary women of today.


Each handbag is meticulously hand woven using a collection of polyethilene (recycled plastic) original and colored articles, by women weavers from insurgent areas in India. Every craftsperson invests between 8 to 22 hours into creating a single product, depending on the design and size. We encourage less privileged women, those who may be disabled, women in old age homes, and empower them with the opportunity to work from home, as for many, stepping out to work may not even be an option. In fact, Maeri collaborates only with partners respecting Fair Trade Principles, particularly women from villages or slums, insuring them a fair income so as to enhance their livelihood.




Once the idea started to seriously brew in our mind, we knew that the brand had to deliver more than just a fashion accessory .It had to be something that would prompt a thoughtful purchase. PLASTIC WASTE were a threat to the environment. Today, it is being used positively to manufacture handbags, garments, shoes etc. . In the current scenario of textile pollution, choosing green fashion is a sign of being responsible and sensible towards environment. One can opt for such green fashion without making any compromise on choice or style. 

According to a report, 86% of plastic water bottles used in US are dumped into the landfills. Around 60 million water bottles are daily used in US, which means approximately 18,834,000,000 are dumped in the landfills every year. Besides, each plastic bottle can take up to 700 years to perish. The alarming rate at which the numbers of used plastic bottles are increasing in the landfills, pose high risk to the environment.




Maeri bags are designed in our studio in St. Pete ,Florida, and manufactured ,by artisan and small-scale ethical manufacturers from India. With styles ranging from totes, satchels, cross-body bags, laptop sleeves, evening clutches ,Maeri has a bag to suit your every mood and nine-to-nine need! our designs and colours are minimalistic yet trendy.